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Adham Tayebi

He was one of the latest agents of the Intelligence Ministry who was dispatched abroad as one of the former leaders of the Mojahedin. He obtained his political asylum in Italy in 1994 (how can latest be 1994) as Farhang Golestaneh using a letter by the NCRI in support of his application. He was recruited by the Intelligence Ministry a few years ago. He went to Iraq in 1997 with his own insistence to join the resistance. In December 2001, with a prior plan, he stole a vehicle and a rifle from the Mojahedin in the outskirts of Baghdad. He fired at a member of the Mojahedin with the intention of killing him and then went to Iran through Iraqi Kurdistan with the help of the Intelligence Ministry in that area and through Iranian cities of Baneh and Saqez he arrived in Tehran.

The Intelligence Ministry dispatched him to Europe after he received the latest trainings to spy on Iranian refugees and activists of the Iranian Resistance and to prepare ground for terrorist operations against them. The Directorate of Counter Intelligence of the NLA referred to this case under the title of "a suspicious case" and wrote: "in December last year, an individual was disappeared around Baghdad. In view of the details (like forcing the passenger out of the car violently, stealing a rifle and the vehicle), it is quite obvious that there was a collaboration and prior contacts with the Intelligence Ministry to go to Iran. Specially since later the map and his route through the Chowarta and Chouman regions in Iraqi Kurdistan towards Baneh on Iranian soil was found and underneath the map, the distances and "scenario for smuggle," the ‘pass,’ exchange rate for ‘Swiss dinar’ (used in Iraqi Kurdistan) to ‘Iraqi dinar’ were also registered. Although all indications point out that he was a mercenary and an infiltrator and had gone to the regime, his name is not included in the list of mercenaries until the investigations reach a decisive conclusion. Therefore release of names and information which are not possible at the moment and investigations about them are still going on, will be reported in the future."14

Hamid Arbab, a member of the NLA who was together with him at time of his escape described the scene: "He was reducing the speed of car in a strange and suspicious way. I later found out that he wanted the convoy behind us to go passed us in order to be able to carry out his plan. He was very tense and nervous. After passing the ‘Souq al-Adl’ bridge he appeared in such a state that he did not seem to be able to drive and we decided that I should take over and drive. I left my rifle, documents, walkie talkie, jacket and wallet in the vehicle and got off from the vehicle to go towards the drivers door. As I was crossing over, the vehicle took off and the front bumper hit me and I was thrown a few meters away to the middle of the road and I became unconscious. I managed to pull myself together after a few minutes and realized that he wanted to run away and wanted to kill me too."15 (So was he hit by the car or was he shot after he was unconscious)

Tayebi who is now introducing himself as "the head of production, and program presenter of the Resistance’s satellite emission" simply played the role of an actor in TV comedy programs during the years he was in the border region in the Mojahedin base.

In a statement which appeared on the Internet site of the Intelligence Ministry based in Europe called Mahdis on July 31, Tayebi first smeared the Mojahedin and then claimed that he had recently obtained a refugee travel document from a European country. 

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