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Mullahs’ Terrorist training camps

"In 1983, I went to Iran’s chief counsel in Istanbul. He sent me to Iran, to somebody named Ahmad Karimi. Karimi provided us with residence and began our training courses. When we were coming back to Turkey after having finished our training, Karimi briefed us for operations. We received our arms from two agents named Ali and Mostapha. We kept this weapons in various safe-houses changed frequently." Excerpts from statement to an Istanbul court by Arfan Chaghari, mullahs’ mercenary in Turkey – Melliat newspaper, March 26, 1996.

One of the missions of the regime’s different institutions formed for exporting fundamentalism, like the Organization of Islamic Culture and Communications, Ahl- Al-Beyt foundation, cultural attaches, etc is to attract and select forces which would, after a preliminary training together with primary security checks, be handed over to the Qods Force of the Ministry of Intelligence.

The Qods Force, along with the Ministry of Intelligence, dispose of dozens of training centers all over Iran, of which 20 are listed here. Hundreds of safe-houses belonging to the two institutes should be added to the list.

New recruits enter Iran in secret, mostly via third countries, through coordination between the mullahs’ Foreign Ministry and the Intelligence Ministry and the Qods Force. The mullahs’ regime provides facilities such as passports which are also used for the return trip to the third go-between country to make sure that true identities are kept secret.

Rigorous program

Training normally consists of political-ideological courses, explosives and demolition, different makes of bombs and the way to work with them, target practice with a variety of weapons and from a moving car or motor bike, ambush, surveillance, hand to hand combat and body building courses.

Other courses consist of urban warfare tactics, covert war tactics, collection of information and reconnaissance missions.
Terrorists are also trained to hide information about themselves and on their relation with the mullahs’ regime in case they were arrested.

Political-ideological training comprises parts of traditional mullahs’ courses on religion. Contrary to traditional Moslem training, terrorists are taught to do several "non-religious" deeds such as drinking alcohol in order to hide their true beliefs, and relevant fatwas-religious permits- are issued by ranking clergy in the regime to legitimize such behavior.

Special courses are conceived for specific missions or special hand-picked teams.

Training centers

  1. Emam Ali training center, Tehran, Tajrish square
  2. Bahonar training center, Karaj
  3. Ali abad garrison, Qom
  4. Mostapha Khomeini camp, Qom
  5. Korit camp garrison, Ahwaz
  6. Fateh Ghani Hosseini camp, Qom
  7. Ghayour Asli camp, Ahwaz
  8. Abouzar camp, Ghaleh Shahin, Ahwaz
  9. Hezbollah camp, Varamine
  10. Izeh training camp, Izeh
  11. Amir Al Moemenine camp , Ban Roshan, Ilam
  12. Kaussar training camp, Dezful
  13. Emam Sadegh camp, Qom
  14. Lavisan training center, Lavisan
  15. Abyek training center, abyek
  16. Darwish training center, Ahwaz
  17. Ghazanchi training center, Kurdistan
  18. Beyt ol Moghaddass university, Qom
  19. Navab Safavi training school, Ahwaz
  20. Nahavand training center, Nahavand

"After September 11, our activity is of a high sensitivity nature, and we have been told to increase security measures in selecting people. The United States is looking for pretexts to retaliate for the blows. But we managed to keep training going on in spite of the sensitivities" commander in Bahonar terrorist training camp in Karaj