venerdì, Gennaio 27, 2023
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Lord Russell-Johnston:

ImageEventsThe first day of this month I spent outside Paris with Mrs. Rajavi in her gilded citadel. Gilded prison you could say in another way. I was with her for 2.5 hours, and I just want to say that I was enormously impressed by her. I mean I have met quite a few resistance leaders, or revolutionary leaders over the years and they tend, perhaps inevitably, but they tend to be fairly egoistical, to be fairly arrogant. I must say, and I say this directly and honestly, I found nothing of this in Mrs. Rajavi. I did not sense any personal ambition; the only ambition she had was for her people. That sounds platitudeness, but I really do think it is true.

I went on afterwards, with my colleague here to Paris, where there was a very large meeting of Parliamentarians from all over Europe, with Mrs. Rajavi making a video link.

I think that the United Kingdom should remove the terrorist tag from the PMOI and that there is no justification for its maintenance. I have read the Home Office report which in fact specifically says that no terrorist attacks have been undertaken against British or British allies by this movement. But irrespective of that, I think that it is wrong to label them as terrorist.

Secondly, I think that the French are wrong to try and maintain their so-called case against Mrs. Rajavi. I am certain that that will equally be demonstrated to be untrue and France with her long reputation for the protection of human rights and the protection of people seeking democracy in their own countries should stop this nonsense.