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Law Professor Questions Political Motives Behind HRW Report

ImageLettersProfessor Steven Schneebaum, former member, Board of Directors of International Human Rights Law Group

“I served for 14 years on the Board of Directors of the International Human Rights Law Group, as it then was called and have taught, published, and lectured widely in the field of international human rights law. I must confess that I have never before had to censure a human rights organization for procedural flaws and substantively incorrect results in its work. But I cannot conceive of how either the procedures used, or the conclusions reached, in the report on the PMOI can be justified. And the fact that something similar occurred in 1994, when HRW last reported on the PMOI, makes me suspicious that there is a hidden agenda.

… No efforts was made to interview U.S. military officials who oversaw operations at Ashraf over months at a time and who had looked into rumors about abuses at the Camp, and found not a shred of evidence to support the very charges the HRW makes.

I myself visited Camp Ashraf in early 2004. I spoke freely with many of them. I do not pretend to have expertise in interrogation, nor was that part of my mission, but I certainly observed nothing that implied to me anyone was at Ashraf against his or her will.

As an American lawyer involved in the development of human rights NGOs over 25 years, I would regretfully add this thought, which I never thought I would find myself putting on paper: I am deeply disappointed in Human Rights Watch.”