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Three hours into voting, polling stations are deserted

ImageIran – election – statement no. 3 – Reports by the Iranian Resistance’s observers from Tehran and other cities indicate that polling stations have been deserted by voters.

In Tehran, in Imam Ali mosque in Pirouzi Street, Soudmand high school, Kowthar mosque in and Ostad Shahriar school in Ghanat Kowthar Streets, Al-Aqsa mosque in Tehran-pars, ninth district municipality in Tehran-pars fourth square, Rasoul mosque in Majidieh street, Sharif University of Technology in Tehran in Azadi Street, Shayesteh school in Lashgar junction  were deserted.

In Borazjan, Kangavar, Kaboutar Ahang, Sar-pol-zahab, Paveh, Zanjan, Ahwaz, Boroujerd, Qom, Isfahan, Oshnavieh, Jame-Shahr, Tonekabon and Qazvin few people have turned out to cast their ballots.

In Bandar Abbas only the State Security Forces and pro-regime motorcycle-rider could be seen and plainclothes officers are engaged in controlling the polling stations undercover.

In Oshnavieh, hardly anyone has voted. Pro-regime elements who cast their ballots fear public rage.

Reports from mosques indicated that by noon people had stayed home. The regime’s operatives have contacted welfare recipients to threaten them that if they did not vote, their monthly handouts would be cut off.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 24, 2005