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British Parliamentarian asks Human Rights Watch 17 Questions:

ImageEvents Lord Corbett of Castle Vale in a meeting in the UK House of Commons:
I have sent the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch in New York a list of 17 questions about its report on the PMOI.Twelve men were interviewed over about 12 hours on the telephone.     * Did they check that the people at the other end of the phone were actually the people they thought they were phoning?

    * Where did they get the phone numbers from by the way?
    * Who provided them?
    * Were these 12 men all together in one central place, sharing one or more interpreters?
    * Or were they phoned at their home? And so on and so on…

These are all obvious questions. Now I think I’ve got the explanation as to why this human rights report has been brought out. Why now? Because as has been said, these allegations against the PMOI are not new, they have been written, I think last given out in 1994. Roughly, by many of the same people, who as we know, work with or are agents of the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

I just wonder, going through that report, thinking why now? I wonder if this has got anything to do with the fact that, going through both houses of the Congress and the Senate, is what is called the Iranian Freedom Support Bill, sponsored by two Republicans. This gives authority to the President, to give financial and political assistance, to those who,

   1. Oppose the use of terrorism
   2. Support Iran’s non-nuclear future
   3. Believe in democracy
   4. Respect human rights, including the equality of women
   5. Support freedom of the press, speech, association and religion.

That is almost the election manifesto of the NCRI. Now can it be, that people either within Human Rights Watch, or associated with it, have issued that report at this time, to try to prevent the biggest Iranian opposition from getting the help that this bill before both of houses of the Congress and Senate provides.

It is just a question. The answer suggests itself to me, that its either one of the worlds greatest coincidences, or it’s the long arms of the mullahs, longer than their beards in this case, reaching round the corner into New York, to try to again thwart the activities of the Iranian Resistance.