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Appeasement, Dagger to the Heart of Human Rights

ImageIranian American communities of Texas organized a gathering in Houston entitled "Appeasement, Dagger to the Heart of Human Rights". The gathering condemned the Human Rights Watch’s discredited report against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. Iranians from Dallas, Huston, San Antonio and El Paso expressed their support for the third option for democratic change by the Iranian people and resistance, presented by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian resistance in her visit to European Parliament last December.

A number of representatives from the US Senate and Congress including Senator Key Hutchinson, Representatives Sheila Jackson-Lee, Henry Bonilla, Al Green, Henry Quellar and Ted Poe declared solidarity with the Iranian resistance’s just struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran. They stressed that war and appeasement are not the solution to Iran’s problem. The third option proposed by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for democratic change should be supported as a viable policy towards Iran.

In a televised message to the Texas gathering, Mrs. Rajavi saluted the Iranians who had gathered in Houston to echo their oppressed people’s cry for freedom supporting democratic change in Iran. She said: "The strong wave of Iranians seeking freedom and the support for democratic change has frightened not just the Mullahs, but also promoters of the appeasement policy. The impact of this fear can be seen in the HRW report which relies only on accusations made by a handful of the Mullahs’ agents against the PMOI.

A message from the families of slain PMOI members and political prisoners in Iran was read at the gathering and said in part, "We condemn the HRW’s disgraceful report which has been dictated by the mullahs. This report adds to the pain endured by the families of victims.”

Congressman Al Green addressed the Iranian-American conference in Texas and described the Iranian regime as a threat to the world peace. He said, “I believe the people of Iran would get rid of this regime and establish freedom and democracy in their country.”

US Senator Kay B. Hutchison said in a message to the Iranians’ gathering in Texas, "Today, Iranians desire to end the oppressive government of Iran whose Iron grip suppresses a long tradition of intellectual and cultural diversity. The conference of Iranian Americans in Texas for supporting human Rights and democratic change, will help Iranians of all persuasions achieve their vision of freedom in a democratic Iran.”

Senator Hutchison added, “I have long been a supporter of those who seek freedom for Iran. For example in 2004, I was a co-signer to a joint congressional resolution expressing concern over the Mullahs’ efforts to acquire nuclear weapons. I strongly support your call for freedom and democracy in Iran. I believe it is time to stand up and tell your fellow countrywomen and men in Iran that they have every right to resist the tyrannical regime. We all know the Iranian government can not be trusted to respect human rights, just as it can not be trusted to curtail its nuclear activities."
Senator Hutchison also said, "I want the attendees at this convention to know that freedom loving Iranians have a friend in the US senate, Kay Hutchinson.”

Mrs. Sheila Jackson Lee of the US House of Representatives said in a message to the Iranian conference in Texas, "I have known the people of Iran and respected them for many years. As in my Iranian-American constituency, you have regularly communicated with me about your views on the situation in Iran. The situation we face in Iran today is a precarious one that we must approach carefully, but steadily. I must say that I have a special compassion and a tension to the issue of refugees, women and human rights around the world. I am the ranking member of the US House Representative’s sub committee on immigration, boarder security and claims. In this capacity I have seen and well understood the suffering that people throughout the world have often endured.”

In another part of her message she added, "Like all of you, I am especially concerned by the continuation of nuclear weapons program in Iran. I continue to be disturbed about intelligence reports that suggest Iran is deceiving the United Nations and is attempting to secretly continue activities to acquire nuclear weapons. These reports state that Iran has been actively working on the delivery system capable of carrying nuclear warhead.”

“In my mind and in the mind of all peace-loving people, this kind of activity is unacceptable. As a member of congress I have always pushed to pass non proliferation, especially at a sensitive region of the Persian Gulf,” she said.

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee added: "It is clear that the people of Iran both young and old desire reform, because they know the future of a stable and a prosperous Iran is depending on it. I will continue to push for Iran to commit itself to the international standard on human rights and political freedom. Rest assure that I with all those who truly believe in the cause of human rights and freedom, together we can ensure that Iran will have a more prosperous and stable future”.