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Mullahs resort to cyber terrorism

ImageTwo weeks after the sham elections in Iran, which saw the election of a Revolutionary Guardsman-terrorist as the new president, the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran has begun jamming the satellite programs of Simay-e Azadi-Iran National Television in a brazen breach of the International Telecommunication Union laws and regulations governing satellite broadcasting.

The jamming began Saturday, July 9 on Hot Bird-2 Satellite, which Simay-e Azadi uses for its broadcasts. The Jamming came especially after the call by the Iranian Resistance for the boycott of the mullahs’ election farce was aired into Iran by Simay-e Azadi and enthusiastically heeded by the Iranian people.

Earlier attempts by the regime to disrupt the broadcasts using Microwave systems in Iranian cities had failed.

Simay-e Azadi broadcast is received in Iran, Europe, North America, the Middle East and large parts of Asia and watched extensively by Iranians. While the clerical regime has been violating the right to free speech, engaging is systematic censorship and disseminating false information inside the country, Simay-e Azadi has emerged as the most credible and active Iranian television network.

By jamming this program, the clerical regime has not only violated the right to free speech in Iran, but also in large parts of the world.

In the past few years, the Iranian regime jammed satellite broadcasts of Simay-e Azadi and Simay-e Moghavemat repeatedly. In May, June and August 1997, June 1998, March 1999 and October 2000, it jammed PanAmSat, AsiaSat, ArabSat, Eutelsat Hotbird, which aired those broadcasts.

By relying on technical expertise and precise calculation, an independent investigation by Britain’s DERA Defford (Defense Evaluation and Research Agency) satellite communications company, based in Worcestershire, showed that one jamming site was in Chamestan near the Caspian Sea (northern Iran).

Earlier, a large number of Parliament deputies, political personalities and advocates of free speech in different countries had urged competent international agencies to take immediate steps against the mullahs’ outlaw conduct.

The Iranian Resistance urges the UN Secretary General, the International Telecommunications Union and member-states’ relevant ministers to undertake immediate action against the clerical regime for jamming and disrupting satellite communications. This is imperative in confronting the mullahs’ unbridled terrorism that has now affected satellite communication. Silence and inaction would only embolden the terrorists ruling Iran to continue such outlaw behavior.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 13, 2005