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Recruiting Agents

Those who are actively engaged in the mullahs’ dirty campaign against the Iranian Resistance abroad are from several origins. The common denomination for all of them is that they are now working for the mullahs’ Intelligence Ministry.

The first group consists of those who have been agents of the Intelligence Ministry or Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards Corps and had gone to Iraq and western countries to infiltrate into the ranks of the Mojahedin, the National Liberation Army of Iran, and their supporters.

These infiltrators whose mission was revealed in Iraq, following the investigations, Mojahedin released these individuals and returned them to where they came from. The Intelligence Ministry dispatched some of these people on new missions abroad upon their return to Iran. This time they introduced themselves as former members of the Mojahedin who were subjected to torture and persecution and then forced back to Iran. They claim to have fled Iran and are applying for asylum in other countries. They pretend that they are being threatened by both Iran and the Mojahedin. Mohammad Hossein Sobhani, Farhad Javaheri-yar, Hassan Sadeqian, Edward Termadoyan are among them.

The second group are those who were at one time within the ranks of the Resistance and left the Resistance due to its hardship and subsequently were recruited by the Intelligence Ministry. The unabated struggle by the Mojahedin against two dictatorships has attracted hundreds of thousands as members and active supporters. According to the regime’s officials some half a million were recruited by the Mojahedin Organization in Iran in early 1980s.1 On the course of such a harsh struggle where 120,000 have been executed, some of the individuals do not have the tolerance to continue and depart from this course. This is the mechanism which is applied to any resistance movement to attract or detract, in particular when dealing with the most brutal dictatorship in contemporary era.

Over the years many people left the ranks of resistance to lead an ordinary life. The vast majority of these people remained as supporters of the resistance movement and continue backing within their capacity. Many of them have reacted to the Intelligence Ministry’s propaganda against the Mojahedin and have even published books in response to false information spread against the Mojahedin, in particular on the issue of mistreatment or discontent of former members. But some of them were recruited to the Intelligence Ministry by threats or enticement. Mercenaries like Karim Haqi, and Shams Haeri are among this group.

Elaborating on these people in the book entitled "Iran: State of Terror" published by the British Parliamentary Human Rights Group, Lord Eric Avebury wrote: "Another method is using the small number of defectors who had at one stage cooperated with opposition organizations and individuals. These persons, due to their low or non-existent motivation to continue the struggle and maintain their principles, allowed themselves to be bought by the regime at a later stage. Such people have so far provided the regime’s terrorists in Europe with the most extensive intelligence and political services. In addition to providing information on the assassination targets to the regime, they prepare the political grounds for the murders of the dissidents by spreading propaganda against the individuals or organizations they had previously cooperated with, defaming them and accusing them of being worse than the ruling regime."

Mullah Younesi, Khatami’s present Minister of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) said on the issue: "we have infiltrators in all opposition organizations…, we use some of the Mojahedin turncoats to work against them". In an interview, as IRNA on August 2000 reported, he said, "… we have many informers particularly in Europe who give us everything we need to know about Mojahedin. We are now well aware of all their activities and potentials".

The third groups are those who have never been in the Mojahedin Organization. For example, a man by the name of Bahman Rastgou, residing in Germany, has been serving the mullahs Intelligence Ministry as "a former member of the Mojahedin" but he has never been even among the active members of the Mojahedin.

The forth group consists of some unfortunate and politically bankrupt individuals who have been living abroad for decades but now, for their living or for return to mullahs or in fear of terrorist acts of the regime, have opted to cooperation with the Intelligence Ministry against the Mojahedin.